Pledges of Support

Here are the reasons people gave for pledging their support for our campaign to install the UK’s first permanent rainbow crossing in Totnes, Devon.

“It will help remind us all that as a community we value diversity.” – Alan Salt, The Principal – King Edward VI Community College, Totnes

“It symbolises diversity, inclusion and acceptance of whom we are!” – Aderonke Apata – Proud2Be Patron, Manchester

“Mat Price asked me after correspondence with him about the Rainbow Crosswalk we have in Vancouver. Our crosswalk has become well known in our City over the past 2 years and is seen as a proud symbol of our diversity.” – Tim Stevenson, Vancouver City Councillor

“Let’s celebrate diversity” – Devon and Cornwall Police LGBT Association

“I support the campaign for a permanent rainbow crossing in Totnes as a symbol of our town’s support for diversity. I also think that it would be possible for signage to alert pedestrians to wait for vehicles to stop before using the crossing to make sure that drivers have understood that it is a crossing point” – Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (Totnes)

“Having a rainbow crossing is such a fantastic idea and a positive statement of equality and inclusiveness. It would be a fantastic draw for people coming to Totnes. I can visualise a take on the Beatles photo! Lol!” – Jo, Devon

“It’s an awesome sign of love and equality!” – Nicola, Dartington

“This will showcase Totnes as being the leaders in celebrating diversity. It would get people from all walks of life talking and recognising how far we have come in accepting people as individuals, not race, sexuality or religion” – Kay, Exeter

“It will be a sign to everyone that this is an LGBTQ welcoming place!” – Rhiannon, Bath

“I want there to be a day when the LGBTQ community no longer faces anything other than entire and unwavering acceptance. I want there to be a day when Pride parades and Gay/Straight alliances are no longer necessary because being gay, trans, whatever is just a non-issue, like the colour of my hair. Public acknowledges of LGBTQ acceptance, such as rainbow crossings, are a great step in making that future possible.” – Madison, Plymouth

“because…I am!” – M C G, Brighton

“What better way to show that support for the LGBT community should be a permanent fixture within communities?” – Kate, Bristol

“I would love to see these everywhere. I used to live in Lancaster and Brighton and generally this would brighten anyone’s day besides being a strong symbol for equality. The world would hopefully embrace and copy it everywhere.” – Kirstine, Luxembourg

“Visibility helps vulnerable people.” – Gerard, Leicester

“We are all part of the Rainbow. Straight, Gay, Lesbian,Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer…” – Barry, Vancouver

“I spent my childhood in Totnes and very proud of the town if it had the first rainbow crossing.” – Jacqueline, Malta

“It’s an important symbol to give the LGBT+ community visibility, know it is loved and supported and part of the whole community.” – Bekki, Devon

“It would be a beacon of hope and LGBT pride for the whole nation!” – William, London “It is a lovely idea” – Steven, Western-Super-Mare

“It seems like a good cause.” – Jordan, Liverpool

“It is an important symbol of equality, and it will demonstrate how truly enlightened the town of Totnes and its people really are.” – Martin, London

“What better way is there to bring awareness of LGBT to so many people in such a fun and powerful way. Not forgetting of course benefiting from the road safety aspect of it.” – Pam, Bovey Tracey

“As someone who is LGBT and from Devon, this would make me really proud and I want it to spread across the county/country/continent/world.” – Celena, Cullompton

“We need more colour and celebration of diversity in the world.” – Lee, Conwy

“To increase visibility of the LGBT community to mark history.” Marie, Grenoble

“This would be a hugely positive and exciting addition to any town, and I have no doubt Totnes would benefit hugely from it.” – Tommer, Edinburgh

“Give the people what they want.” – Trevor, London

“It’s a great way to create awareness.” – Helen, Paignton

“Wonderful idea, and lets have one in every town.” – Sheila, Penrith

“Great to see an active demonstration of support for LGBT people. It would encourage me to visit the area thereby increasing the tourist income for Totnes and surrounding areas.” – Sue, Wales “

Totnes is already a unique small town an a I feel it will add to our uniqueness.” – Jan, Totnes

“I want the reminder for my children and others that it’s okay to be who you are. I also support the wills memorial as a location to make it practical and fantastic.” – Sarah, Totnes

“The temporary rainbow crossing was so vibrant with colour, it cheered up the high street for one thing. However the most important factor is that before the closure of Dartington College of Arts and the Costa Campaign, Totnes had a reputation of tolerance and embraced diversity of people, ideas, ways of dressing etc. To have a permanent rainbow crossing here in the middle of the town (please) will help to promote and remind people of those ideals again, and hopefully give local people who live here, who perhaps feel marginalised, a visible reminder that everyone is recognised and respected as the person that they truly are and feel safe and supported here.” – Eve, Totnes

“I want to celebrate and communicate about diversity in Totnes and how we can have an inclusive community.” – Sky, Totnes

“In 2011 I came out at school (kevicc, Totnes) with my then girlfriend, we gained a lot of negative attention and were ridiculed for our relationship. The rainbow pedestrian crossing will raise awareness and acceptance among the younger community. If this is installed I recommend that you do talks in assembly’s at schools in all years in and around Totnes this will make sure that they know what the crossing stands for and will also support any young people in coming out to friends and family.” – Kerri, South Brent

“Because everybody should know love.” – Haydn, Totnes

“Totnes has a long reputation of providing a home to progressive causes. Proud2Be brings a valuable new dimension to the diversity of the town. Let´s recognise all LGBT+ folk – particularly those in rural areas – with a colourful, visible symbol in the High Street! ” – Jon, Totnes

“I was brought up from the age of 2 in Totnes so spent all my teenage years growing up in the town in the 60´s and 70´s. I always knew I was gay but at that time it was still very difficult being out and I felt very isolated and alone. I would have been so grateful for a group like Proud2Be to have been around when I was growing up to provide me with the support I needed then, so I am more than happy to pledge my support now to you all for the wonderful work you are doing in Totnes.” – Andy, Alicante

“Fantastic visual way to show solidarity & equality with LGBT population of Devon and further.” – Sarah, Chudleigh

“I think it’s a great thing today, I live in Torquay, be good to see a couple round here too.” – Carl, Torquay

“It’s simply an awesome idea!!!!” – Mirella, Totnes

“Totnes leads the way in celebrating diversity!” – Sarah, Cranbrook

“LGBT people in Devon can feel very isolated which can have a severe impact upon their emotional & psychological well-being. As a child psychotherapist, I’m too well aware that young LGBT people are more likely to suffer from anxiety & depression & are more prone to suffering from low self-esteem. Some feel so bad that they become suicidal. A bright, beautiful symbol of celebration such as this gives a powerful message: We think you’re OK & value you’re contributions to our world.” – Jane, Exeter

“It will show the world that we believe in true equality… That everyone is welcome in Totnes.” – Mia, Bridgwater

“The temporary crossing was beautiful and I believe a permanent crossing would be a wonderful way of expressing Totnes’ individuality and belief in personal freedom.” – Tracey, Totnes

“It would be a tangible affirmation of the town’s commitment to diversity.” – Alison, Bigbury on Sea

“We need a bit of colour in our lives. And it supports diversity in a wonderful little town.” – Nicky, Newton Abbot

“It will be a proud and visible colorful and fun way of showing everyone how all people in Totnes fitting across the whole rainbow spectrum of diversity are celebrated….rainbows have a habit of spreading as the sunshine moves…so this can then beam on to the next community along the way.” – Deborah, Totnes

“It will signify and celebrate diversity as well as be a wonderful landmark in Totnes. Totnes is a funky quirky town and a rainbow crossing fits right in. It will also be good for tourism and support struggling business in the town.” – Lyn, Totnes

“It’s an awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!” – Mirella, Totnes

“I feel we need a colourful expression and reminder of diversity around sexuality and gender which celebrates the long and ongoing history and journey for liberation for all to be our full potential selves, contributing creatively & caringly to our Totnes community.” – Sky, Totnes

“I’ve just come back from Vienna where they had same-sex couples on the traffic lights to celebrate Eurovision. A rainbow crossing in Totnes would have a similar effect – get people talking, be a positive symbol of inclusivity and love, plus it’s really pretty and will make everyone smile!” – Sarah, Exeter

“It shows diversity to be proud of. Plus, it’s pretty :)” – Vicky, Dartmouth

“Every town and city should have one!” – Heather, Tigsbury, Bath

“It’s important that the young children crossing it will ask their Mums/Dads/Guardians etc. what’s it about!” – Jenna, Marldon

“It will make Totnes even more cool.” – Jack, New Orleans, LA, USA

“I think it’s a great way of showing that everyone is welcome in the town and that people who live in Totnes are in support of a diverse, unprejudiced and thriving community. Also, I think it’ll look nice.” – Elena, Totnes

“I feel it would be a tremendous step forward and an honour for Totnes to pave the way. It would be a beautiful and permanent showing of our true colours… Unity and Equality and Love. Thank you for all of your efforts in putting this campaign together.” – Bethany, Totnes

“This is a brilliant way to celebrate diversity, to celebrate our tolerant town (as a whole). It will be a wonderful message to people of the town and visitors to the town that this is 2015 and discriminating against people because of their sexuality is unacceptable. I would be proud to have my children growing up in a town to visibly supportive of groups of people who find themselves oppressed in history and still oppressed around the world. It would be AMAZINGLY positive! For those interested in economic growth it wouldn’t hurt either as I’m sure there would be a corresponding growing in visitors. It would also look happy and fun and positive! Thanks for the idea and please make it happen!” – Victoria, Totnes

“It signifies equality and inclusion, a message of hope. Bringing people together” – Carol, Totnes

“It is a public statement, and a reminder, that we are a community that wants to embrace diversity and freedom for individuals to love who they want.” – Adam, Dartington

“It is a wonderful indication that Totnes will, in the future, be a really inclusive community.” – Nicola, Ipplepen

“It’s so Totnesian!” – Kate, Totnes

“It is always good to celebrate diversity!” – Charlie, Torbay

“The more colourful the better” – Kerry, Torbay “It’s colourful and the town needs to get with the 21st century” – Amy, Totnes

“It is a wonderful idea to have a permanent fixture which reminds everyone that Totnes embraces diversity and tolerance.” – Alys, Totnes

“It would be BRILLIANT!!” – Ru and Claire, Totnes

“Because it’s fab” – Ana, Totnes

“It would be amazing for Devon to get the first” – Amanda, Honiton

“Let’s do it” – Celia, Plymouth

“It demonstrates Totnes’s diversity” – Robert, Totnes

“Rainbows” – Holly, Torquay

“Totnes can lead the way when it comes to kindness and tolerance” – Gareth, Totnes

“It’s such a cute idea” – Edward, Paignton

“Rainbows! Also it’s a great symbol of equality and stuff” – Orion, Landscove

“It’s important to be visible and PROUD!” – Cerys, Mordred & Angelina, Liskeard

“Go Totnes!!! Lets all be proud of who we are! Life is a rainbow- Celebrate our diversity ALWAYS!” – Caroline, Totnes

“It’s a great idea!” – Sadie, Plymouth

“It will add some colour to the town!” – Leanne, Plymouth

“It needs to be done to show support. It’s a marvelous idea” – Gemma, Totnes

“It shows support for LGBT people in a more visual way and benefits Devon’s diversity” – Tracey, Torquay

“It shows support to equality and diversity throughout the community of the South West and Devon” – Max, Totnes

“Proud2Be are amazing and it would be such a positive sign for the LGBT community to have it.” – Jo, Plymouth

“It would make me proud to know that my community had a permanent recognition and acceptance from other communities, not only in the area but nationwide. It would bring many people from all over Europe to see.” – Alan, Plymouth

“Because we are all gay and love to see Proud2Be Project being supported in our Community” – Lee, Totnes

“It needs to be a crossing as people need to open their mind” – Daniel, Paignton

“So the town can show its support to all people” – Hannah, Totnes

“It is important that marginalised people are given a voice and are visible.” – Carol, Torquay

“I think it would be a nice way to show the whole community that the equality of everyone in the LGBT group is important and does matter. It will also make residence feel valid and cared for and accepted. It will be a nice colourful addition to the town. It could start a trend that others will follow.” – Charlie, Harbertonford

“Because it will be a great visual support to all LGBT+ people and put Totnes on the map as a diverse and accepting town.” – Tracey, Torquay

“Love is a human right” to show support” – Lily, Torquay

“It would give a message of love- and be fun!” – Chonyi, Exeter

“Why not? Raised awareness and inclusion” – Pip, Barnstaple

“If it raises awareness, its got to be good.” – John, Newton Abbot

“I want to support the expression and celebration of diversity within our town and our community & think this is a wonderful way to do that. It will bring beauty to the town centre, hopefully raise a smile in those who see it and also improve pedestrian safety – it’s a win-win-win!” – Tanya, Dartington

“The rainbow crossing is a symbol of Totnes’ great inclusivity to people of all sexualities and genders. Its position right at the heart of town would be a regular reminder of the power of love, joy and the right to be oneself. This doesn’t just benefit LGBTQ people – it benefits everybody. It says ‘Be You Whatever’!!” – Connie, Totnes

“It is a nice way to promote LGBT equality” – Steven, Weston-super-Mare

“I find it important as a reminder of solidarity with people who are not accepted for what they want to be. I would be proud to be part of Totnes community if we had this rainbow crossing!” – Petra, Totnes

“The time is right for high visibility of Equality!” – Lou, Totnes

“I think it would be awesome, and aesthetically pleasing and a great way to celebrate diversity in Totnes.” – Ann, Totnes

“I have gay friends and I am personally bisexual so I support LGBTQ rights” – Alice, Paignton

“What a fantastic statement to show that we support and love each person within our local community…particularly important for young LGBTQ people growing up in this area to know that Totnes is an open and accepting town. These need to be all over the country!” – Rachel, Totnes

“It’s awesome!” – Josh, Exeter

“If not in Totnes, then where else?” – Nick, Exeter

“It’s about time” – Joe, Exeter

“Again Again!!” – Tamsin, Exeter

“We can!!!” – Robert, Exeter

“Yeah man sounds wicked 🙂” – Jake, Plymouth

“Absolutely” – Leah, Plymouth

“It’s beautiful ❤” – Mags, Totnes

“We all need to be reminded of both the diversity and beauty in life and there is no better representation of this than a rainbow.” – Tracey, Totnes

“Every one is different, and that should be celebrated. A splash of colour would also look great.” – Alice, Totnes

Ita De la Iglesia, Totnes

“Diversity should be seen the world over, and I believe this is a brilliant idea” – Steve, Totnes

“I love it” – Tracey, Paignton

“It’s a fantastic idea not only showing support for gay rights but lovely and bright to cheer up the towns especially on a gloomy day, well done” – Maria, Cullompton

“Permanent reminder of our diverse society, and very pleased Totnes has a first in Europe” – Katy, Newton Abbot

“It’s universally recognised as a sign of diversity and inclusivity. A constant reminder to all that see it. Plus … anything to brighten up the place!” Ruth, Totnes

“It makes total sense.” – jack, Dartington

“Safety and colours. What to ask more? Colours help with people wellbeing.” – Mona, Totnes

“I support the initiative and think it’s important and beautiful.” – Cate, Exeter

“It will get people talking about issues that matter and that is always a good thing. And it’s FUN so we can smile while we cross!” – Paula, Totnes

“It’s a cheerful reminder of the celebration of diversity the town has” – Cassie, Newton Abbot

“It is a highly important issue to be raised and will help inspire and empower young LBGTQ+ people worldwide.” – Becca, Bath

“As an Lesbian living in Devon I would be so proud to take our 6 grandchildren to Totnes especially to cross this road in stigma-free safety and explain why this matters to their Nannies.” – Bridget, Exeter “It reminds us of the importance of diversity :)” – Michael, Plymouth

“Just because……..” – Lloyd, Ivybridge

“It’s a great idea!” – Alex, Totnes

“This is a great celebration for the LGBT community and it will help young people know that Devon is a safe place to come out and live as LGBT. I wish I had this when I was younger! This would also make me proud to say I from Devon if this is to be the first rainbow coloured crossing in Europe!” – Joshua, Tiverton

“It sends a strong and positive signal towards our town supporting diversity and humankind in all our colours, shapes and forms.” – Heidi, Totnes

“Fantastic idea to celebrate diversity and show support for LGBT people everywhere. Fun, bright, colourful and such a positive statement. I want one in my town, would make me so proud and would smile every time I crossed it!!” – Darrin, Bodmin

“Its a visual symbol for supporting diversity.” – Monique, Plymouth

“It’s a bloody good idea and Totnes is an ideal place to be first to get one and I am part of the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community!! 👍👍😃” – Louise, Buckfastleigh

“It will remind us every day why Totnes is a great place to be whoever you want to be and that our differences make us beautiful.” – Michelle, Totnes

“Im gay and want to be proud of it, and this makes me so happy to see!” – Lana, Paignton

“I love diversity across all nations! Everyone should respect and accept each other.” – Eddie, Essex

“This is awesome. keep it!” – Bodhi, Paignton

“As a symbol of diversity it’s a valuable way of showing everyone is welcome, which in the current climate of the world is a message not heard enough.” – Maria, Ivybridge

“it just looks nicer!” – Pip, Glasgow

“I wholeheartedly support this move forward towards a united people, no matter of race, creed or sexual orientation.” – Adam, Mabini, Batangus, Philippines

“It makes ME feel more welcome and celebrated, as a woman living in Totnes who does not fit in the category of straight heterosexual.” – Rebecca, Totnes

“It’s a wonderful life enhancing and happy idea!” – Vonny, Newton Abbot

“Great idea” – Mervyn, Tiverton

“I think it is an amazing idea. It is helpful and supports the lgbt+ community” – Rosie, Coventry

“Public awareness” – Jan, Torpoint

“It highlights diversity acceptance and celebration, it looks great and it’s an extra crossing point” – Beth, Bristol

“Its so important to have recognition on a daily basis for diversity to be visible. Great idea people having to face their prejudices every time they use the crossing!!!! BRING IT ON!!!” – Pauline, Clacton

“It looks great and symbolises so much more.” – Christine, Ashburton

“We need to be proud to celebrate the fact that we accept everyone in this community. It will be a constant reminder to all who cross that there are actually no ‘labels’ for people – we are all people who love each other and share our space. The rainbow symbolises this, and as EVERYBODY walks over it EVERYBODY will reflect on this. It just will hopefully support those who feel unsure, to feel accepted and loved.” – Beth, Totnes

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