Family Member of an LGBTQ+ Child/Young Person in Devon?

Proud2Be are in the process of planning a support group for the families of LGBTQ+ children/young people. Participants will benefit from a safe and non-judgemental space to share their experiences of supporting a child/young person who may be:

  • Coming out
  • Dealing with bullying, discrimination and/or hate crime
  • Navigating their social and/or medical transition
  • Experiencing issues at their school
  • Seeking relevant and accurate information around sexual health, sex, relationships, their rights etc.

As part of our initial consultation and in order for us to provide the highest level of support and information- we would love to know your thoughts!

If you are a family member of an LGBTQ+ child/young person, please fill in our survey by clicking this link.

Thanks so much!


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