New Proud2Be Patron Aderonke Apata!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome the incredible Aderonke Apata as our new Proud2Be Patron!

Aderonke, feminist and human rights activist, won the Positive Role Model Award for LGBT at The National Diversity Awards last month. Motivated by her own experiences of having to flee torture and the threat of death for being lesbian in Nigeria, she has proved to be an unstoppable force in fighting for justice for other LGBT refugees seeking asylum in the UK.

Right now she is currently under the threat of forceful deportation back to Nigeria, a country where LGBT people are politically persecuted, imprisoned and murdered. Aderonke has garnered almost 32,000 signatures for her campaign to remain in the UK.

Aderonke said: β€œIt gladdens my heart to be asked to become a patron of Proud2Be. I couldn’t have said otherwise given the love, energy and enthusiasm that exude from Jon and other Proud2Be members when we first met at the National Diversity Awards ceremony night! Furthermore, I am delighted to be part of the great work they are doing to raise the profile of LGBTIQ people in Devon.”

Aderonke Apata

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