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  1. Proud2Be Blog Post : Coming Out

    Proud2Be Post : Coming Out I have been thinking recently about coming out. More specifically my own coming out. I have come out as gay a number of times so far and I continue to do so every time I start a new job or meet somebody new. These days for me it is easy. Partly down to the fact that attitudes and beliefs are changing but mostly I think because I am no longer ashamed of who I am and have finally released the need to have others agree, accept or get on board with who I am. One... Read more
  2. Proud2Be Blog Post : Children and the messages that shape them

    Proud2Be Post: Children and the messages that shape them I was taught many things at school. I spent two hours a week for a good five years learning the French language. At the age of twenty nine I have to admit that I do not remember anything apart from bonjour and s’il vous plait. My Maths teacher went over and over Pythagoras’ theorem with me and I remember none of it, I even had to google the spelling. There is one thing I do remember about School. I seem to be reminded of it all... Read more
  3. Proud2Be Guest Blogger : Carol Price

    This is an article our Mother has written commenting on the church officials reaction to the ever growing support for equal marriage in the UK. We are so Proud2Be the sons of a courageous woman who has questioned the many messages about LGBT people she has received throughout her life and has chosen to reject prejudice rather than her two gay sons. She writes: How ironic that the church officials who, for centuries, have persecuted and vilified people for their sexuality, have preached and... Read more