1. Exeter Pride 2013

      Proud2Be are joining forces with Exeter Pride 2013 (March 23rd)! We shall be there on the day to record your P2B videos and chat about the project! See you... Read more
  2. The Julie Burchill Article

    This is our response to the transphobia we saw play out in the media just over a week ago. We are not speaking for trans people and we are not speaking for our trans friends. They are able to speak for themselves. We do not believe them to be victims. We speak for ourselves. We are proud gay men. In contrast to what some may have us believe, we as gay, cisgendered men are hugely offended by transphobia. The now infamous observer article written by Julie Burchill is what we are talking about.... Read more
  3. A Late Starter – A snippet from ‘Proud To Be Gay’

    A snippet of Mat and Jon’s forthcoming book ‘Proud To Be Gay'. Enjoy! Jon- I’d never really been exposed to many gay people before. Well, openly gay people. Tonight was the night. I had chosen a black smart t-shirt, formal black trousers and black shoes. I looked very smart for my first ever gay club. My friend Rebecca drove us in her car. As we walked in I immediately felt completely overdressed. Everyone else was wearing jeans, trainers and colourful T shirts. They looked like they... Read more
  4. Proud2Be Guest Blogger : Zoe Lock

    A lovely piece from Devonshire writer Zoe Lock. Here she talks about her experience of some of the views she encountered about gay people whilst living in Kenya. Religion encompasses most of what Kenyans do in some way or another. For most of them it will lead their lives, some more devotedly than others. Some so much that they may go as far as to not love thy neighbour as thyself. In some hospitals in Kenya it has been known for patients to be refused treatment due to their sexual... Read more
  5. Proud2Be Post : Standing Up

    Proud2Be Project was out at Plymouth Pride last week spreading the Proud2Be message! Whilst our gang was sat in the park enjoying a picnic I decided to go for a mooch about with some business cards! I had a chat with most of the stall holders and made some great connections (I think they call it networking). I came to the police tent and immediately wondered if I should bother. I have never had anything to do with the police and if I am honest I wasn’t sure how they could help our project... Read more