Thank You

A few ‘thank yous’ from us.

We both receive a lot of the credit for Totnes Pride. In truth, we are two individuals within a team of many, who work hard throughout the year to make it all possible.

The Totnes Pride Action Group work tirelessly to ensure Totnes Pride is a thoughtful and inclusive community event, dealing with the challenges that come with organising an event like this with humour, determination and a can-do attitude. Thank you! It really is a pleasure to work with you all. We hope you know how much you all mean to us both.

Seeing Proud2Be youth members open the event, make the speeches, perform as a choir for the first time, run the workshops and the panel discussion was incredibly moving for us both. Thank you to them for making our work life so incredibly rewarding.

We would like to thank all the Pride volunteers, funders, sponsors, supporters, attendees and performers- without whom, none of it would be possible.

Last but not least, we want to thank those close to us, for putting up with us when Totnes Pride takes over our lives (which we wouldn’t have any other way!).

All our love,

Max and Maya


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