• Facilitated 24 Social Group sessions in South Devon
  • Facilitated 23 Youth Group sessions in South Devon
  • Offered 1:1 Mentoring Support to 12 young people in Devon
  • Offered Counselling Sessions to 1 young person in Devon
  • Facilitated 9 sexual health drop-in sessions in South Devon
  • 1 young person undertook work experience at Proud2Be
  • Facilitated 12 Totnes Pride Action Group meetings in South Devon
  • Raised the Rainbow Flag above Totnes Civic Hall to launch the seventh Totnes Pride. The ceremony featured a performance by members of choir Global Harmony
  • Hosted the seventh Totnes Pride with the largest street procession, day event and cabaret yet, including youth-led workshops, talks and panel discussion
  • Facilitated 2 focus groups with family members of LGBTQ+ children/young people in South Devon
  • Launched the first Proud2Be Families Group, a monthly peer support group for the family members of LGBTQ+ children and young people, to come together for mutual support
  • Facilitated 8 Proud2Be Families Group sessions in South Devon
  • Hosted the first-ever Proud2Be youth residential in South Devon which included a ‘Conflict Resolution’ workshop and a’ Your Voice – being an activist’ workshop
  • Danielle from The Remote Speaker Coach attended 2 Proud2Be youth sessions and worked with a number of Proud2Be youth participants to increase confidence around public speaking
  • Ran a successful Crowdfunder campaign, raising funds to take a group of LGBTQ+ young people to Trans Pride in Brighton
  • Attended Trans Pride Brighton with members of the Proud2Be youth group
  • Facilitated the fourth Proud2Be Team Residential at Sandwell Barns at Eden Rise which included the delivery of ‘Professional Boundaries’, ‘Confidentiality’ and ‘Recognising our Skills, Strengths and Achievements’ Training to Proud2Be team members
  • Proud2Be founders Max and Maya released a Proud2Be video retrospective to mark Proud2Be’s 8th birthday
  • Celebrated and promoted our work at 2 local Pride, LGBTQ+ &/or community events
  • Delivered Anti-HBT Bullying teacher training sessions to 5 schools in Devon, as part of the National Anti-HBT Bullying Alliance
  • Delivered awareness workshops to 2 primary schools in South Devon
  • Delivered a series of LGBTQ+ awareness workshops to year 9 students as part of their PSHE day
  • Delivered a ‘Maintaining mental health for trans and/or non-binary young people’ talk at a conference for heads and principals at SEND schools in the South West
  • Delivered a trans awareness workshop to youth support workers and police officers in West Devon
  • Delivered 2 LGBTQ+ awareness training sessions to workers at a residential home for older people in East Devon
  • Delivered an ‘Identity’ workshop to young people attending an Empowering Enterprise’ course at a youth charity
  • Delivered trans awareness and anti-HBT hate crime training during a staff development day in South Devon
  • Delivered an LGBTQ+ awareness workshop to staff at Active Devon
  • Delivered an LGBTQ+ awareness workshop to young people planning on setting up an ambassadors programme at their school in Devon
  • Delivered a number of LGBTQ+ awareness workshops over 4 days to Devon Carers staff and Carer Ambassadors as part of the ‘Strengthening Support Programme’
  • Delivered a number of LGBTQ+ awareness workshop to teaching staff at a special school in North Devon
  • Proud2Be founders Max and Maya delivered a number of LGBTQ+ awareness talks to teaching staff at 3 special schools in Reading
  • Delivered a trans awareness workshop to trainee counsellors in Devon
  • Lush Plymouth and Lush Exeter both held a ‘Charity Pot Party’ for Proud2Be. Over the course of both weekends, all proceeds (minus VAT) from sales of their Charity Pot hand and body lotion, were donated to Proud2Be to support our work

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