2020 so far

  • Facilitated 5 social group sessions in South Devon
  • Facilitated 5 youth group sessions in South Devon
  • Launched weekly Proud2Be Online Youth Group sessions in response to the COVID-19 lockdown
  • Launched weekly Proud2Be Online Social sessions in response to the COVID-19 lockdown
  • Facilitated 2 Proud2Be Online Social sessions
  • Facilitated 1 Proud2Be Online Youth Group session
  • Offered 121 mentoring support to 5 young people in Devon
  • Offered counselling sessions to 1 young person in Devon
  • Facilitated 2 Totnes Pride Action Group meetings in South Devon
  • Facilitated 2 Proud2Be Families Group session in South Devon
  • Facilitated 1 LGBTQ+ Awareness workshop to students at a college in South Devon
  • Delivered an Identity workshop to young people attending an Empowering Enterprise’ course at a youth charity
  • Facilitated 1 LGBTQ+ Awareness workshops to hosts of supported lodgings for vulnerable young people in Devon
  • Facilitated a talk about identity, gender and mental health, an interactive breakout session and took part in a panel discussion at ‘Positive Perspectives’ conference by Empowering Enterprise Petroc
  • Delivered a ‘Maintaining mental health for trans and/or non-binary young people’ talk at a conference for Deputies/Assistant Heads at SEND schools in the South West

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