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Out is the new in!

Coming out. One of the most nerve wracking and darn scary events in life. Telling people who we really are is emotional, and frought. Telling family is tough. As a twentysomething I came out as Bi. It was horrendous! My familial relations took a severe knock. My Parents were devastated! I, and they never quite got over that!

Recently after lots of support from Proud2Be I came out as Trans+ (Gender Fluid) and it has been a new and refreshing experience! Out seems to have become the new In! From getting fashion tips on colour co-ordinating Ones tie, to being praised for my braveness! It has been enriching. Perhaps I have understanding friends and family/partner/inlaws? Or perhaps the people are more enlightened in these modern times.

In celebration I am getting my wardrobe together! Charity Shop shopping for ties and jackets! Mixing and matching his n hers! Airing the 1980s shirts! Very Retro! So far have got favourable comments! I am flying the Rainbow Flag raising awareness  Being me.


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