Our Team

  1. Carol Scott (she/her)


  2. Charlie Hindley (he/him)

    Senior Youth Support Worker

  3. Cin Wilson (they/them)

    Social Media Graphic Designer

  4. Clare Burgess (she/they)

    Youth Support Worker & Children’s Activities Volunteer

  5. Grace Messer (she/her)

    Youth Support Volunteer

  6. Hayley O’Brien (she/her)

    Adult Support Volunteer

  7. Jackie Fonseca (she/her)

    Adult Support Worker

  8. Jamie Wyres-Smith (she/they)

    Adult Support Volunteer

  9. Jianelle Loizou (she/her)

    Youth Support Volunteer

  10. Joe Janota (any pronouns)

    Events Team Volunteer

  11. Jules Kast (she/her)

    Adults & Families Services Coordinator

  12. Kim Ainsworth (she/her)

    Adult Support Volunteer & Events Team Volunteer

  13. Levi Fernandez (he/they)


  14. Liz Laffan (she/her)

    Parent/Carer Support Worker

  15. Lucy Brothwood (she/her)

    Adult Support Volunteer

  16. Lucy Homer (she/her)

    Adult Support Volunteer

  17. Maria Moore (she/her)

    Youth Support Volunteer

  18. Max Price (they/them)

    Co-founder & Head of Youth Services

  19. Maya Price (she/her)

    Co-founder & Head of Adults and Families Services

  20. Mel Saint (she/her)

    Youth Services Coordinator

  21. Mike Long (he/him)

    Admin Assistant & Events Team Volunteer

  22. Rachel Howing-Nicholls (she/her)

    Parent/Carer Support Volunteer

  23. Simone de Hoogh (she/her)


  24. Steve Keay (he/him)

    Adult Support Volunteer

  25. Terri Lamerton (she/her)

    Adult Support Volunteer

  26. Zoe Stark (any pronouns)

    Adult Support Worker & Events Team Worker

Proud2Be Youth Member & Volunteer

I started volunteering because this is a great cause helping people like myself feel good about who they are as well as increasing awareness. Volunteering at Totnes Pride was an awesome experience that hopefully helped other people know more about the youth group and increase our visibility in the community.

Proud2Be Youth Member & Volunteer

Ally, Proud2Be Volunteer

The Action Group are an amazing group of people who are just wonderful to spend time with. Proud2Be is an inclusive, accepting, loving and nourishing organisation. I feel privileged to be part of it.

Ally, Proud2Be Volunteer

Dot, Proud2Be Volunteer

Over the last 4-5 years I have been part of Proud2Be growing, flourishing, establishing itself as a professional, committed, inclusive organisation. I am proud to be part of an organisation that continues to question, develop and still have a sense of humour.

Dot, Proud2Be Volunteer