Here are some resources you are welcome to download, to support you and/or your organisation to become more LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

When printing, we suggest using cream (or soft pastel colour) paper that is matt rather than gloss; to make the information more accessible to neurodivergent people.

If you use these resources, please consider making a donation to Proud2Be here if you can.

Unsure of how to use pronouns & neopronouns? Here is a guide to
help build your confidence!
Feeling unsure about using the word “trans” correctly? Here is a guide to using ‘trans’ in a sentence!
Keen to use LGBTQIA+ inclusive
language? Here is our non-exhaustive guide to LGBTQIA+ terminology!
Test out your knowledge with our LGBTQIA+ Crossword!
Have a go at finding 11 LGBTQIA+ terms in our wordsearch!
Struggle to find non-gendered greetings when addressing a group of people? – take a look at some of our suggestions!

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