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    Year 9 student, Torquay Academy

    Over the last year, I have been growing more confident in myself and who I am. When you came in today and you showed me how happy you are being you...I just can't describe how happy I suddenly felt... Read more
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    Staff member, Torquay Academy

    I really thought Proud2Be were wonderful - the students definitely got a lot out of the sessions. They were great with the students and really drew some serious thought and debate out of... Read more
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    Alan Salt, Principal, King Edward VI Community College

    Our students are fortunate to be part of a community where Proud2Be are actively helping people to come together and find positive and lasting solutions to change things for the better. They do this with knowledge, sensitivity, humour and... Read more
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    Aggie Szpinda, Healthwatch Devon

    Proud2Be used very professional and encouraging methods to engage with young people but also, they made sure that participants felt confident and safe during the work. Proud2Be brought huge value to the whole... Read more
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    Julie Wyman, Devon Counselling College

    I just wanted to thank you for the workshop you ran for us on Saturday afternoon; it really got the learners thinking about gender and difference in general. What a fabulous and extremely connective way to present it - your openness and willingness to discuss each and every question that was raised was... Read more
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    Head of Primary School in Devon

    Max was an excellent trainer, creating a safe, non judgemental and professional environment to explore thought and ideas whilst learning new terminology. All staff enjoyed the sessions and gained understanding and confidence. The work on stereotypes and scenarios were really useful. Thank... Read more
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    Staff Member, Special School in Devon

    A comfortable environment was created immediately by the trainers and they showed an understanding of our school's ethos very quickly. I highly recommend them and the... Read more
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    Staff Member, Special School in Devon

    The training was really helpful, Max and Maya executed it brilliantly, they were understanding and informative. When people say its a 'safe space' that is often just because they have to and really you still feel you could be judged, where as with this training it really did feel safe and completely open to ideas, thoughts and... Read more
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    Totnes Pride Volunteer

    Love being involved with some of the nicest, kindest friendliest people ever, who always make me very welcome. Will definitely do it again next... Read more
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    Thom Winter-Gray

    I had a fantastic day at Totnes Pride today, the most open-minded and welcoming pride I've experienced... Read more
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    Proud2Be Member

    Over the past 5 years Proud2Be has helped me so much. They are an amazing team, and always inspire me! I am a lot more confident and am coming out as Trans+ slowly to my family. I am being a more authentic self, and am happier as I am being ME! I couldn't have dreamed of that 5 years ago. Thank You... Read more
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    Proud2Be Youth Member & Volunteer

    I started volunteering because this is a great cause helping people like myself feel good about who they are as well as increasing awareness. Volunteering at Totnes Pride was an awesome experience that hopefully helped other people know more about the youth group and increase our visibility in the... Read more
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    Cuthbert, Proud2Be Member

    Proud2Be is an amazing forward thinking organisation, who are so inspiring and dynamic. They are all about inclusiveness, diversity and equality. They walk the walk with great enthusiasm! We recommend them and praise them for their great... Read more
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    Ally, Proud2Be Volunteer

    The Action Group are an amazing group of people who are just wonderful to spend time with. Proud2Be is an inclusive, accepting, loving and nourishing organisation. I feel privileged to be part of... Read more