Totnes Pride 2021

- Totnes Pride


A background of curved diagonal stripes in rainbow colours. A butterfly fist logo at the top left reads "PROUD2BE presents TOTNES PRIDE 2021". Beneath this is a progress flag patterned fist growing up from roots. A cream spotlight beam emerges from a megaphone held in the clenched fist. The words "RESIST, REACH OUT, RISE UP" are emblazoned in green, blue and orange across the spotlight. Event information identical to that in this caption is listed at the lower right.

Get your calendar out:

2ND – 4TH SEPTEMBER is Totnes Pride 2021! Join us for three days of exciting in-person & online events, in celebration of LGBTQ+ pride, people, and community.

Our in-person events will have limited spaces, to ensure we can keep our community as safe as possible.

Stay tuned for the release of our event lineup, and be first in line for (free!) tickets!

For contacts & site info, bookmark this website or follow our socials πŸ™‚

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